Yes, we are an approved NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provider. This means if you’re part of the NDIS program you have governmental access to our services. Our provider number is 4050 009 829. We are registered for both Household, Assistive Prod-Household task Yard maintenance and we offer a lovely Linen Service. This means we can either clean your house, do yard maintenance (cutting grass/trimming edges) and clean your laundry; or teach an individual with a disability how to safely clean a house.

Please note: Every NDIS client has different needs and we want to create a plan based on your needs and goals. Before we can quote a price for NDIS clients we need to talk to you by phone, email and arrange a suitable time to meet with you face to face to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 

Phone 0470 350 013 or Click Here to email us.


NDIS services:

NDIS Household Task (cleaning a home for an individual with disabilities). This is a cleaning service focused on us doing the house cleaning for the individual. People in this program will receive the same high-quality cleaning service we provide to everyone else but this service is government funded. To access this service you will need to log into your NDIS Myplace portal and request our service; our provider number is 4050 009 829. Self-managing NDIS participants can call us on 0470 350 013.

NDIS Assistive Prod-Household Task (we work with an individual and teach them how to clean). This is an amazing service for NDIS youth are seeking independence. For this service, we teach individuals how to safely clean, dispose chemicals and maintain a clean/healthy living space.

NDIS Yard Maintenance: This is a basic lawn service of us cutting your grass and trimming your edges.

NDIS Linen Service: We will do your laundry or help you perform laundry related tasks.

Friendship is a vital component of these programs that is why those who join up for these programs can expect the following:

  • A team of two experienced cleaners working with people in care
  • A routine cleaning schedule with the same team members
  • Motivative people who encourage and stay positive during the visit
  • People who are truly passionate about improving the quality of life for everyone.