To get the best possible deal it’s best if we see your site/house before we quote. In the cleaning industry, blind quotes equal low customer satisfaction.

How our pricing works:

Home Cleaning: We quote based on how long the job will take. We will come out to your house, listen to what you want and look around. After we listen and look we will then give you a very detailed quote for you to review. You can freely subtract or add services to fit your budget. We quote based on how many hours a job will take. After we agree on a price we will start cleaning everything in the quoted price and the job will be done in the amount of time we agreed upon.

† In the event, the job takes longer than we quoted the work is done for free until the job is completed.

NDIS Participants

In order to receive our services you need to log into:

We are Sylla Cleaning Provider Number 4050 009 829 Questions call us 0470 350 013

Alternately you can contact your Local Area Coordination Transition Services.

Other Services:

Our other services such as carpet steam cleaning, window wash and etc. are quoted based on an hourly rate. We do not charge extra for machines, products or other goods. We will come to your house listen and look to see what you want us to do and give you a priced quote based on time. The benefits to this type of quoting are: you will know before how long we will be at the house and how much it will cost before we start.

† If we run over the planned time we are sorry and this will not affect pricing.

Business, Office Buildings and Construction Site:

Please call us on 0470 350 013 to schedule a visit and a quote.