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Overview of our cleaning packages:

Full, Standard and Economical

Full Clean (recommended for one off and end of lease cleans): is cleaning all rooms including Heavy, Medium and Low traffic areas. This includes all dusting of knick knacks to cleaning dusting all vents. Also, this includes cleaning both exterior and interior of all surfaces/cupboards/closets.

  • Everything is cleaned Exterior and Interior
  • Interior and exterior of all surfaces/cupboards/closets
  • Will move furniture to clean under them
  • Beds, clothes, dishes and fresh linen put out.
  • Both inside and outside windows are cleaned

Standard Clean (recommended for monthly cleaning): is cleaning all rooms including Heavy and Medium traffic areas. This includes dusting countertops to the tops and sides of all surfaces. This service focuses on cleaning the exterior of all items.

  • Exterior of all surfaces are cleaned
  • Will clean under furniture
  • Will clean couch cushions, chair/table legs
  • Floors and baseboards
  • Top and all surface sides to doors

Economical Clean (recommended for recent and follow –up cleaning): is cleaning all rooms focused only on Heavy traffic areas. The Economical clean for house’s that have been cleaned recently and do not require heavy duty cleaning.  This clean skips many of the unnecessary spots; such as dusting vents that have not collected dust.

  • A speedy clean focusing on high traffic areas
  • All rooms are cleaned Floors, sinks, tubs, windows, countertops
  • Sliding glass doors, mirrors and inside windows

Traffic Areas Explained

Heavy traffic areas: Floors, toilets, sinks, tubs, windows, countertops, kitchen cupboards, microwaves, ovens, door handles and glass sliding doors.

Medium traffic areas: cupboard surfaces, ledges/edges, couch cushions, chairs, table legs, under furniture and top surface areas of furniture.

Low traffic areas: Vents, Ceiling fans, light covers, dusting knickknack, picture frames, sliding door rails, washing dishes, making beds, linen, interior of cupboards, dusting books/bookshelves, cleaning computer screen/keyboard, cleaning TV, moving furniture.